Bismillah Technology(SZ)Co.,Ltd.
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General Introduction

Bismillah Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. The first office located in Bangladesh. Our company specializes in the line of trade business and its agency business around the world. We consistently reform and improve sale's network, and offer the best products and service for the wholeworld.

Going with the development of China's market and customer's requirement, w e established Bismillah Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd. in 2007 as head office in Shenzhen city China, and ours Guangzhou branch Bismillah Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd., Yantai Kangyuan fruits and vegetables Co., Ltd. Together with Dubai (U.A.E.) and South Africa we have more than 200 employees now.

"Receive in time, Reply in time." It will always be the motto of our company.

Main products

1. Fresh fruit and vegetable: For fruit, we offer apple, pear, grape, mango, banana, pineapple, tomato, pomelo, orange, peach, melon etc. For vegetable, we offer fresh garlic, ginger, carrot, potato, asparagus, peanut, bell pepper, corn, onion, radish, taro etc.
2. LED lighting: emergency light, torch, table lamp, solar panel etc.
3. Computer accesserries: keyboard, earphone, speaker, wireless mouse etc.
4. Jewelry ornaments: Necklace Set, Earring and Ring etc..
5. Hairdressing and Cosmetics: For Hairdressing: hair dryer, curling tong, hair straightener etc. For Cosmetics: beauty equipment, facial mask etc.
6. Handbag:We also can supply goods according to what you need.

Goal of The Company

To won the honors like: "Excellent Service Unit", "Advanced Industry"etc. We keep moving with the faith of "Building a famous brand for Bismillah, winning a world-wide belief from customer's" with whole staff's honesty and customer's foremost as basement.


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